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THE VARAŽDIN COUNTY„Flight beyond time“

The region of breathtakingly beautiful scenery, valuable culture monuments and rich gastronomic heritage is only a step away from you. Visit the Varaždin County!

This northwestern region of Croatia, where the last slopes of the Alps meet the great Pannonian basin, will enchant you with its diversity and offer you a memorable experience.

Here you will find clean nature and unique natural beauties and interesting sights- fossil volcanoes, caves that tell the secrets of our ancestors, semi-precious stone finding sites, river banks where gold is washed, nature parks, hunting grounds and parks that tell the story of the grandeur of the past times.

You will experience the unique atmosphere of old castles and manor houses, the Baroque churches and monasteries, hear mystical legends and historic stories of dragons, Templars, nymphs or the miraculous turning of wine into the Blood of Christ.

You will enjoy the best cultural manifestations, international festivals and attractive historic re-enactments.

You will taste some of the delicious homemade delicacies and desserts, healthy food grown by the local producers, top quality wines and natural juices, pumpkin seed oil of the highest quality.

Welcome to the Varaždin County!

1.trakoscan castle  2.Backpacker ivancica mountain

3.paragliding ivancica mountain  4.enjoy the view varazdin county

5.tradition gastronomy 1  6.old city varazdin castle

7.manifestatons 1  8.drava river varazdin county

9.drava river rafting  10.cycling varazdin county

11.varazdin hills chill zone  12.varazdin city museum

13.Holiday homes with a story 2  14.tradition gastronomy 2

15.tartufi izlet24 101120  16. spancirfest manifestation

17.Svecani bal 2020 (179)   18.Spa resort varazdinske toplice

19.nature varazdin county  20.cycling routes

21.ballon flight over zagorje  22.concerts spancirfest

23.downhill cycling  24.tradition gastronomy 3

25.Holiday homes with a story 1


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