The Moscatelli organ in St. Mary's Church

The Moscatelli organ in St. Mary's Church


The organ in St. Mary's Church is one of the few organs in northern Croatia built in an Italian traditional style.

According to the memorial of the Bednja parish, the priest, Franjo Salesije Takač, had a new positive organ installed in the Three Kings Chapel in Ravna gora.

The creator of both instruments was an Italian man, Gaetano Moscatelli. His organs are an example of the Venetian style, very different from the German.

Apart from the different construction and appearance, his organs are characterized by a noble sound, unlike the rough and swish sound of the German organ.

The organ in Bednja and the positive in Ravna Gora are the only preserved Moscatelli's works in northern Croatia and generally the only bigger works of the Italian school ever installed in the Hrvatsko Zagorje region.

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