The Lepoglava lace

The Lepoglava lace


The tradition of lace-making is an example of culture of the area. As the high point of the baroque tradition, lace gives a touch of festivity to everyday life.

Its existance is tied to the Pauline culture, and the skill of lace-making has been preserved thanks to a local lace-making school founded in the early 20th century.

Ms Zlata Šufflay made a great contribution to the promotion of lace and lace-making. Also, a great role in the development of lace-making belongs to Ms Danica Broessler, and later Ms Ivanka Horvat.

In 1937 the Lepoglava lace won a gold medal in Paris; in 1939 it got a bronze medal in Berlin, and in 1996 it was noticed in the Summer Olympics.
In the effort to preserve the tradition, lace-making is getting a lot of attention today. The Lepoglava Lace Society and the Lace Organization make and sell valuable lace products.

The International lace festivals, held anually form 1997, bear a special significance in the promotion of Lepoglava lace. The Lepoglava lace was awarded with the „Izvorno hrvatsko“ („originally Croatian“) sign. In 2004 it received the „2004 Green flower“ Acknowledgement for the completeness and the originality of the souvenir offer. Also, in 2004 it was put on the UNESCO-s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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