The lavish parties of Countess Nadasdy

The lavish parties of Countess Nadasdy


Suzana Malatinsky, or Countess Drašković and later Countess Nadasdy, was known for her sumptuous balls and the story of her arrival in Varaždin is very interesting.

Kazimir Drašković was a descendant of wealthy and powerful Croatian aristocracy. While visiting his estates in south Hungary he fell in love with Suzana Malatinsky. However, Suzana was a protestant and to make matters worse, she was married and did not belong to the aristocracy. All of that did not stop her to become the Countess Drašković. Kazimir promoted his husband into a captain which bought Suzana's divorce.

Drašković family was shocked. The Viennese court resented the situation. Everyone was against their marriage. Suzana Malatinsky, or better said, the Countess Drašković, was not bothered at all.

She soon moved to Varaždin into the Drašković Palace on today’s Korzo. She was famous for organizing balls, sometimes the masked ones. And poor Kazimir payed the bills for the love of his young, and even not so beautiful wife. But soon he died, leaving his family in big debts.

At the time, the Government, the Parliament and the richest and the most powerful Count, ban Franjo Nadasdy, all resided in the Palace.
After only three months of mourning, the Countess Drašković married Count Nadasdy and became the richest and the most powerful Croatian banica. Parties she was giving were merrier, louder and more luxurious than ever.

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