Florian, resist the fire spewing!

Four years after the awful fire in which Varaždin was burnt down (in 1665), the citizens built St. Florian's Church at the north side of the Old Town.

The votive church was built at the place where the catastrophic fire was stopped, after it destroyed the northern suburbs and a great portion of the inner town.

Although this fire did awful damage and forced „pogorelci“ („Charred“) to beg for money, they managed to raise money to build St. Florian's Church that was recorded to be 20,85 m long and 9,48 m wide.

The church was later richly and nicely furnished and contains valuable works of the Varaždin's artists and carpenters.

The most famous painting in St. Florian's Church is a votive painting ordered by the Varaždin citizens- Germans and portrays the Great fire of 1776. Under the painting (which has a historical value since it shows the northern part of the town that was not caught by fire) there is a prayer to St. Florian written in Latin: Florian, resist the fire spewing that creates destiny, protect the sad, oh glorious protector.

St. Florian's Church is one of the most famous motifs in Miljenko Stančić's paintings, and this votive church has been the church of the Varaždin Volunteer Fire Department.

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