How the Croatian Parliament's vow was fulfilled

n September 1995 the vow that the Croatian Parliament made in 1792 was finally fulfilled. The Parliament vowed to build a votive chapel in Ludbreg if God will protect them from the plague that ravaged this part of Croatia that year.

The plague was stopped, however, the vow wasn't fulfilled for two centuries, until finally a lovely chapel was built on the meadow behind the Batthyani castle. It was modeled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Every first Sunday of the month there is a mass for thousands of pilgrims who come to Ludbreg to bow to the Most Precious Blood of Christ relic.

This piety dates back to the 16th century, when Pope Leo X confirmed the miracle of turning wine into the blood of Christ in Ludbreg, that happened in 1411.
During the mass, the priest had doubts about whether the wine really turns into the Blood of Christ. That same moment a miracle happened- the wine in the chalice became human blood. The astonished priest kept the miracle to himself until his death bed, when he told the story to his confessor.

The Blood of Christ was then displayed in front of the Christians who started coming to Ludbreg to bow to the Most Precious Blood of Christ. Soon the Vatican became interested in this case, so Pope Julius II ordered the fluid to be brought to Rome so it could be examined.

In 1513 Pope Leo X confirmed the miracle and Ludbreg became one of the biggest pilgrimage site in this part of Europe.

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