Arboretum Opeka

Arboretum Opeka, a protected natural rarity, a horticultural monument, is one of the most important nature monuments in the Varaždin County and one of the most valuable horticultural objects in Middle Europe.

With its outstanding beauty and the diversity of species it is the first of the three arboretums in Croatia.

Its basis is the sessile oak and chestnut wood. The herbal inventory of the park is comprised of around 14 000 specimens of almost 200 different species. The flatland in the park with a small lake is reserved for exotic plants.

The most valuable trees have been brought from Japan, China, Tibet, Caucasus, Northern America and Europe.

The wide and open scape of the parks give it a special value, creating an unusual aesthetic whole with the forests.

In the central square in the village of Vinica near the Arboretum, you can see a pranger; an interesting and rare cultural and historic monument, a grain measurment device and the shame stone where cheaters were tied for public scorn.

Besides the pranger, there are a few originally preserved stone benches embellishing the Arboretum.

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