Vindija cave

Vindija cave


The Vindija cave, a protected nature monument, is located in Donja Voća Municipality. The cave is a geological, geomorphological and botanical nature monument.

Due to the importance of the whole locality, a wider area of the cave is protected. Vindija cave is located around 2 km from the centre of Donja Voća on the southwest slope of Križnjakov vrh, at the altitude of 275 m.

It has the shape of a 50 m long, around 30 m high and around 10 m high chamber.

The material remains found in the cave date from the Paleolithic to the early Middle Ages, whereas bone remains enable us to track the evolution from the Neanderthals towards the modern man.

All the findings suggest that the cave was used for life and as a hideout from 40 000 B.C until the 9th century.

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