Trakošćan forest park

Trakošćan forest park


Trakošćan forest park is one of the most beautifully formed parks, which with its rich vegetation and interesting views creates a unique experience of intact nature.

It covers the park area around the Castle and the surrounding forest area around the Trakošćan lake.

The park around the Castle is a typical example of a Romantic park from the mid-19th century that was preserved in an almost original shape.

The park was partly created from the indigenous sessile oak and hornbeam forest. Individual examples of old oaks can be seen even today. There are some exotic trees planted in the park as well. They change the scenery throughout the year. The artificial lake (around 23 ha) is a unique and recognizable mark of the Trakošćan forest park.

The builder of the Castle is still unknown. It was probably built in the early 14th century as a smaller fort in the northwest Croatia defense system.
It was one of the biggest feudal estates in Croatia, and it was owned by the Drašković family for 400 years.

The castle's appearance dates back to the 19th century, when Vice marshal Juraj VI Drašković renewed a ruinous medieval town and transformed it into a comfortable and opulent castle. It was renewed in neo-Gothical style. Along with the renovation of the castle, the artificial lake was being created, as well as the surrounding park.

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