„Varaždin“ hotel


The hotel is located right next to the train station, within a 5- minute walk to the city center. The restaurant has 48 seating places, and the wine bar has additional 12. The hotel has 22 beds and its own parking lot.

The „Varaždin“ hotel is located in Kolodvorska Street, that has been connecting the city center with the train station for almost 130 years. The urbanization of the Kolodvorska Street, full of numerous villas, started in 1886 with the opening of the so called „Zagorje railway“ from Zagreb, via Zaprešić and Zabok to Varaždin and further on to Čakovec. Thus the travel from Varaždin to Zagreb, which had lasted for 13 hours by postal carriage, was significantly shorter and more pleasant.

It was surely the busiest street in Varaždin for the entire century, which is proven by the old passenger records; in 1930 over 250 000 passengers started their journeys from the Varaždin train station, which made the Varaždin station one of 10 busiest in the country. The station had constant carriage taxi connection to the town center.

Soon after the railway opening, Ivan Grošanić and his son built the restaurant and the hotel „Kolodvorska restauracija“, called „Kod Grošanića“ by the people. Until it was closed, it was known for great food. Today this is the site of the „Varaždin“ hotel, which nourishes the preparation of food that could have been found on the Grošanić's menu.

Address: Kolodvorska 19, 42000 Varaždin
Phone: +385 (0)42 290 720
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