„Garestin“ restaurant

„Garestin“ restaurant


Located not far from the city center, it has 100 indoor and 70 outdoor seating places and 18 beds. It has its own car park.

It is located in the today's longest street in Varaždin, which used to stretch from the southern city gate towards Varaždinske Toplice and later Zagreb. As the town expanded, it became longer and longer. This is best illustrated by the information that a small St. Rok's Chapel that was built at the end of the street (as a vow against the plague epidemics), is today almost in the middle of the street. Once called Dugi konec, Zagrebačka Street is almost 4 km long. One of the most important historic events, that determined the future of Varaždin, is tied to the Dugi konec street.

In 1776 fire broke out on a farm next to Dugi konec. The records say: „The wind blew towards the town from St. Rok's Chapel to the river Drava, and fire destroyed house by house. The town burnt for three days and three nights, and between 316 and 614 houses were burnt to the ground. After the fire Ban moved to Zagreb and Varaždin lost its status of the capital. However, just like after every tragedy, recovery came fast. The city recovered and Dugi konec became longer and longer…there were a few taverns and inns along the street. Those were the places of real homemade folk cuisine, simple dishes, a place where one could always eat and drink well.”

The „Garestin“ restaurant has continued the tradition of food preparation; the restaurant is situated in the middle of the first kilometer of the Zagrebačka Street, in the house of one of the most prominent Varaždin's inhabitants, professor Krešimir Filić.

Address: Restoran Garestin, Zagrebačka ul.34, 42000 Varaždin
Phone: +385 42 214 314
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