„Trakošćan“ hotel

Surrounded by small fields, meadows and lawns, little villages, vineyards and wine cellars scattered around the tame hills of Zagorje, you will find Trakošćan.

It is a region of good people and the Zagorje turkey, a top quality food that was eaten in the European courts.

Today it is prepared at the „Trakošćan“ hotel, where the beautiful nature, history and culture, tradition and delicious food intertwine in the most beautiful way.

Long forgotten newly guised grandma's recipes are waiting for you in our beautiful atmosphere.

Our 3 restaurants enable you to choose whteher you wish to eat on a green hotel terrace or at the foot of the castle.

Address: Trakošćan bb, 42253 Bednja
Phone: +385 (0) 440 800
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