Šafran Winery

Today the Šafran Winery successfully continues its centuries-old tradition of vine cultivation and wine production that dates back to 1692.

Using modern technology, knowledge and love of wine, the Šafran Winery today produces esteemed and award-winning wines on 20 hectares where over 90,000 vines grow.

The most represented grape variety at the Šafran Winery is Graševina, followed by Rhine Reisling and Traminac, while the red grapes include Portuguese, Blauberger

They are proud to point out that they are one of the three wineries in Croatia that still produces altar wines. Next to the Winery there is a beautifully decorated tasting room.


Address: Breznica 1d, Breznički Hum
Telephone: +385 91 62 61 499
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