"Đurina hiža" agrotourism

"Đurina hiža" agrotourism


„Đurina hiža“ is located 1 km from the center of Varaždinske Toplice, on the road to Varaždin. It has the capacity of 80 seats and its own parking lot. It offers food under the bell, game dishes and quality domestic wines.

The „Đurina hiža“ agrotourism is located on the tame hills of Varaždinske Toplice.

In the first half of the 19th century, a Croatian Illyrian Antun Kukuljević built his manor house on the highest peak called Valpovec, on the Kamena Gorica's vineyard estate with a beautiful view of Varaždin and the River Drava valley, Međimurje and the Kalnik hills. There was a beautiful park around the house. He named the estate Tonimir. The manor house was the meeting place of the young Illyrians in the time of his son Ivan Kukuljević- a historian, writer, politician, Varaždin county magistrate and a great Illyrian who gave the first speech in Croatian in the Croatian Parliament.

Young Illyrians often met there for hunting, singing and dancing, but also for talking about „patriotism and serious peoples' affairs“. Later, when the Kukuljević family left Tonimir, it became a favourite excursion site of many. The manor house was completely destroyed in WW II and after it. And while it „lived“, good food was eaten there. The abundance of forest fruit and game from the nearby forests have determined the delicacies that came to the table.

The „Đurina hiža“ family restaurant, right under Tonimir, owned by the Božić family and opened 8 years ago, has continued the tradition of the cuisine based on the game and forest fruits and home grown foodstuff.The restaurant is located on the first pass of the road to Varaždin, a few minutes from the center of Varaždinske Toplice. It is run by the son Nikola, while the mother Milica and the father Nebojša „supervise“ the kitchen.

Address: Varaždinska 70, Varaždinske Toplice 42223
Phone: +385-42-668-148
Mob: +385-98-956-24-35
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