Batthyany Castle

Batthyany Castle


The Old Town of Ludbreg consists of a square-shaped castle and two outbuildings. Around the castle you can still see glipmses of a defence moat, to which the water came from the Bednja river. The castle has a ground floor plus three additional floors, first of which is significantly higher.

The earliest evidence of the existence of a fort dates back to 1320. During the Turkish campaigns, it was transformed into a renaissance castle. When the Batthyany family arrived, they renovated the Castle in the baroque style. At that time, the Castle and the outhouses were fully utilized. In the early 19th century, the Castle is used less frequently, so it starts to deteriorate. It was reshaped on several occasions, to serve different purposes.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is located in the Castle, which is a location each tourist must visit. In addition to the chapel, a restoration workshop – Ludbreg Restoration Centre is also housed there now.

Within the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the archival material is permanently exhibited (the Book of the miracle, the Bull by Pope Leo X, the conclusions by the Croatian Parliament, etc.), as well a collection of religious art (church attire and books, liturgical vessels, paintings, sculptures, etc.)

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