The legend of the Earth's circles

Ludbreg is a town that many legends are tied to.

One of them is definitely the legend of the Earth's circles that were delineated from this town in the Roman times, when the settlement- Castrum Iovia, was one of the most important settlements in the river Drava valley, being located on the road that connected the towns Poetovio (Ptuj) and Mursa (Osijek) and the Danube Limes.

In the Roman times Ludbreg was a military stronghold surrounded by walls. Because of its exceptional geographical position, it grew to become an important defensive, traffic and trading center with a spa and a forum. It may be that because of that the ancient residents were aware of its exceptional position and that was how the legend of the Earth's circles was born.

In the ancient times the center of the world was, of course, Rome. However, the old story about the center of the world somehow survived until the present times, when a Swiss historian Dr. Erasmus Weddigen gives it a new dimension.

The towns closest to Ludbreg- Varaždin, Varaždinske Toplice, Čakovec and Koprivnica are 20 km away from the „center of the world“. If we continue to delineate „the Earth's circles“ wider, we will notice that, for example, Vienna and Budapest are equally distant from Ludbreg, just like Paris and Athens.
The town of Ludbreg has decided to display this ancient story on the main square, where concentric circles are indeed delineated from the „center of the world“ and suggest that there might be something to this old legend.

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