Where is that Trakošćan dragon?

In the ancient times, at the place of the today's Trakošćan castle there was a lonely fort surrounded by vast thick forests.

It is believed by some that this well armed citadele was run by the Thracians and that Trakošćan got its name by that fort exactly (Arx Thracorum). Others believe that Trakošćan owes its name to the German Drachenstein knights, who used to reign that area. Both stories can be linked with dragons.

The Thracians, an ancient people who lived in the Balkans, between the Danube and the Black Sea, as early as 5000 years ago, were considered barbarians by the Greek. They were, however, skillful warriors, craftsmen and artists who developed a delicate sense of beauty.

They knew a lot about astronomy and medicine and dragons had a very important place in their culture. This fantastic, gigantic fire-spitting reptile-like creature with wings and a long tail was a common motif in their handicrafts and artwork. As part of the initiation ceremony, their shamans had to ride a dragon. They also believed that eclipses were caused by dragons hiding the Sun with their wings. Is it a mere coincidence that this ancient people decided to build their fort right on this rock, that even the Drachenstein knights recognized as the dragon's rock?

Did they guess that the surrounding forests might hide dragons?

And while in the neighbouring Međimurje dragons stick their heads out from every puddle, there aren't any stories, legends or beliefs about dragons around Trakošćan, apart from the one about the Stanovnik cave on the northeast side of the Ivančica- a dragon chased out people from it and they were forced to hide in a nearby Kujsnica cave.

Did the monster come to the Ivančica mountain from the Trakošćan forests? Did the Thracians and the Drachensteins know about its den and choose to build a town in its rock? Did the dragon leave this area in the ancient times or is it still hiding somewhere?

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