„La'gus“ hotel


The „La'gus“ hotel is expecting you on a hill above Varaždin, in an idyllic atmosphere of clean nature.

Varaždinbreg has been a favorite place for the people from Varaždin. Almost all respectable families in Varaždin had vineyards, wine cellars and manor houses here, to satisfy their passion.

Varaždinbreg was visited for walks and picnics, parties in manor houses or near the train station in Turčin. The La'gus hotel found its place right here, 7 km from Varaždin, on the first slope of Varaždinbreg. Its spacious terrace gives you the view of the city, the river Drava valley, all the way to Slovenia and Hungary. The La'gus is still a favourite Varaždin excursion site and motel, and in the 20th century it was famous for its game dishes and the Varaždin „klipić“, which was almost its tradesmark.

A coffee and „klipić“ break at Varaždinbreg were a „must“ on one's way from Varaždin to Zagreb. 


Address: Glavić 1/A, 42204 Turčin
Phone: +385 (0)42 652 940
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